Tuesday, June 15, 2021

A Case Like No Other

I was working on a case when I got assigned a new partner. Her name was Amy, and she was beautiful. Her bright smile always lit up whatever room she was in. She was short as well, all of the guys in my precinct could easily tower over her. She usually just laughed it off and went back to her desk.

It was a missing persons case, my best friend and former partner Jack had been MIA for a few weeks. We had been best friends since we met in the academy, and partners for the last five. I pulled out his missing persons file, and looked it over. He was blonde, tall and handsome. He could've been a football star if he wanted, his strength and speed were always used to great effect in chasing criminals.

He went missing a few weeks ago and we hadn’t heard from his since. He was working on a case, a mad scientist who would kidnap people and mutilate them, really awful stuff. I assumed the same thing happened to him when the file dropped on my desk one morning.

The file hit my desk, and I had to rescue my coffee from almost spilling as Amy leaned against my desk. "Looks like we got a break on the scientist and your old partners case. They have a victim at the hospital and he er... she is in pretty bad shape,” she said, her voice as sweet as honey.

The drive wasn’t long but I kept shooting glances at Amy. I knew that she was new but there was something telling me that I had seen her before, as if we had known each other for way longer. She smiled and giggled as our eyes met, quickly taking a sip of her coffee afterwards. I caught the smell, French Vanilla with extra cream and sugar. That was how Jack liked it, I remember telling him that all those sugars couldn’t be great for his heart. He laughed it off and told me that he needed the energy. “These criminals won’t catch themselves after all,” he used to say. Must’ve been popular where she came from.

A few moments later and we finally arrived at the hospital. A nurse showed up and showed us the way to where the victim was. She was screaming and clawing at the doctors and nurses to be released. “Where’s master?! I need my master!” she screamed at the top of her lungs. I ended up cuffing her to the hospital bed after she attacked me, Amy pulled her off of me and their eyes met. They stared at each other for a while, expressionless. Motionless. I grabbed the girl and put her back on the bed. She was calm now, she ended up answering Amy’s questions over mine. I just assumed that she was more confident with a female officer over a male one.

After extracting some information, we went back to the precinct. The rest of the day was pretty normal, minus the glances that Amy and I were constantly passing and glancing at each other. I couldn’t stop thinking about her that night, she was gorgeous. Funny. Smart. Perfect. I fell asleep dreaming about her, it was a truly pleasant night.

As the next week went by, I tried looking for some more leads. There were some more victims who Amy and I saw and we got to know each other a little bit more. We even planned a little date during our lunch break. 

Amy turned out to be a very good replacement for Jack, we seemed to get into a grove with our cases and worked well together. All in all if I had to get a new partner, I was glad that Amy got dropped in my lap. It didn’t hurt that she liked the same crappy deli Jack introuduced me to for our lunches. I didn’t expect a woman like her to enjoy that kind of thing.

The day after, there was a note that came into my desk. It was unmarked in an all white envelope but I opened it nonetheless. “Hello detective,” the note began. “This is the scientist. Well…my words at least. Congratulations on all your hard work. You’ve done a great job at finding your friend. If you want to find me, come to the old warehouse on Southside. See you soon detective.”

I shot up from my desk and gathered everyone I could. Today was the day we finally got that son of a bitch. Cars and vans raced past with their sirens blaring so people could get out of the way. Soon enough, everyone arrived at the warehouse. The SWAT team were the first ones to leave their van. There was loud commotion and dogs barking.

There were commands thrown left and right. Amy and I went by ourselves as everyone else split up. The interior of the warehouse was dark and dingy, we could only see because of our flashlights. After a few minutes of searching, we found it. A dark room with surgical tools in piles on tables. There were also pictures with that bastard’s victims, one caught my eye. It was Jack. He was barely recognizable, his face was mutilated almost beyond recognition with surgical lines on his face. What did that bastard do to him?!

There was one problem however. The scientist wasn’t there. The entire warehouse was empty. It was a dead end, the only good thing was that we found evidence and pictures. We had one end but not the other, he still had to be found.

We drove back to the precinct in shame, Amy held my hand as we drove back. It felt nice as her soft hand gave warmth. “I’m sorry Jake,” she said. “How about I make it up to you. Dinner at my place after our shift ends?” I nodded and went back to focusing on the road. 

A few hours later and our shifts had finally ended. We all went home and Amy gave me her number and her address. Weird. I already seemed to have it. Where did I know her from? 

I finally arrived at the address an hour later. It was a small apartment building, seemingly made for small families or single people. I went up to her door and knocked.

Our eyes met after she opened the door. “Oh. Hey Jake. Didn’t expect you so soon,” she giggled and waved for me to come in. I moved to the couch and we made some small talk before she came back in the living room. She just stood there silently and ominously. I stood up and tried to move to her and then…nothing. It was dark. I must’ve been knocked out. But by who?

When I finally came to, I was strapped to a surgical table. It was completely dark still. Then, I felt a hand on my face. It was soft, it had to be Amy. She must’ve been there to rescue me! “I’m so sorry…Jackie,” she whispered into my ear. Jackie? Who the hell was Jackie? Suddenly, the lights turned on. I looked down and saw long brown hair on my sides. I had boobs. Actual boobs! What happened to me?

“She’s finally awake,” I heard a voice say. There were slow claps and then…him. That bastard scientist. He added a picture to a clothesline, I assumed it was of me but I couldn’t make it out. He pulled a sock out of my mouth and I could finally speak again. “What the fuck did you do to me?” I spat at him. I couldn’t identify my own voice. It was high and feminine, a huge difference between my original low voice.

“You just don’t understand, do you? The same thing I did to your friend here, I did to you. You’re my perfect specimen,” he said, walking up to me and placing his hands on my face. I spat on him, he just chuckled and slapped my face. I couldn’t handle the pain. I could before but now that this happened, the softness of my skin couldn’t absorb it properly.

“Amy? What did he do to you?” I asked, looking at her as she stood silently. She looked like she was about to speak but the scientist stopped her. “Your simple mind can’t handle my genius. Amy wasn’t always Amy. Think back to when you first met her. Think about your friend. Let me spell it out for you.” He then leaned down and held my face in his hands. “Jack and Amy are one and the same.”

I couldn’t believe it. They were the same person! That son of a bitch did this to him! “I’ll kill you,” I said angrily. “I bet you would. Too bad you’re tied down and about to die, detective,” he grinned and turned over to Jack…Amy…whoever they were! 

He pulled out a handgun, an average looking that you would find in any armory, and handed it to Amy. “Kill her,” he commanded. She pointed the gun at me, I closed my eyes and accepted my fate. “I love you Amy,” were my last words. At least, I thought they would be. I heard a gunshot but didn’t feel any pain. I slowly opened my eyes to see Amy holding the gun with smoke coming out of the barrel. She had definitely fired it. I couldn’t see the scientist anywhere, after she had freed me from my shackles I then saw him lifeless on the ground with a bullet hole in his forehead. She had killed him.

She turned to me and broke down with tears in her eyes. I held her tightly as she cried in my arms. We heard sirens as we held each other, tears falling from both of our eyes now. The rest of our team finally found us and held us as they brought us back into the world and into the back of the cop car. 

We were brought back to the precinct and given new clothes. This was my body now, I had to wear something that fit it. I looked pretty cute in it, well that’s what Amy thought. I kissed her forehead and kept her warm until we were finally allowed to go home. She agreed to let me stay at her place for the night and I couldn’t have been happier. 

We started dating soon after. The missing persons case was finally solved and I got a girlfriend out of it. She really is amazing. I knew she was originally my best friend which made it better for me. That meant that I knew her inside and out. She really is the love of my life.

I’m going to propose soon. As soon as my next paycheck comes in, I’m picking out a ring for her. Amy had some everything she could for me and now it was time to return the favor. Sure, getting new records and proper identification was exhausting but she helped me through all of it and kept me safe. 

I just know she’s going to say yes. She talks about when we get married and who’s going to propose first. I spotted her at a jewelry store recently but I wanted to get a ring for her just in case. I can’t wait to call her my wife. I’m ready to spend the rest of my life with the person I love most. 

Monday, May 24, 2021

My Dumbass Roommate

My roommate and I were bored during lockdown. While restrictions were being lifted, we still decided to isolate and not leave our apartment. One night, he wished that he could have a girl here.

Waking up the next morning was fun. Especially since I woke up in a body that wasn’t my own. I was a fucking chick! A sexy chick at that. Once my roommate saw my new body, he was head over heels in love. I told him who I actually was and he seemed to calm down. He told me that he wasn’t gay and ran off. “I’m a chick now! How the hell can it be gay?” I yelled at him as he ran. God, he was a dumbass. A cute dumbass but still a dumbass nonetheless.

Every time I saw him for the next week, he was visibly flustered. He was enamored me but he had to fight it. I decided to have some fun with him. Once he finally decided to leave for work, I got busy. I took off my clothes and looked at my new body in the mirror. Whatever happened to me made me hot! 

I positioned myself so my vagina was at the forefront in the mirror. I smiled as I snapped the first of many pictures that day. I sent it to him with the caption, “Thinking of you.” His reaction was priceless. I sent him more pictures until I ran out of space on my phone. When he came home that night, something was going on with him.

He came into my room and kissed me. I didn’t know how to feel at this point. I looked into his eyes and kissed him again. The sex that night was perfect. We made love and fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Let’s just say that I have a boyfriend now. He’s still a dumbass but he’s my dumbass. I love him and he loves me. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Monday, May 17, 2021

Kink Doors: Mikayla‘s Story


Mikayla walked through the main door into the hub. It was good to be the boss of this world. Well, technically she wasn’t the boss of the entire realm. She was higher up on the food chain, she was the main caretaker. Whenever someone stumbled into this realm, she would always be there with them. She would make sure the fantasy goes smoothly and all of the characters are sticking to their roles.

When Mikayla first stumbled into this magical place, she was a man named Michael. He didn’t know what was happening. He tried desperately to escape but to no avail. A beautiful woman walked up to him and showed him the doors. They had all of his kinks and some that he didn’t even know existed. They walked through the door labeled “M2F”. 

His jaw dropped as he walked through the door. It was a lavish living room which was fully decorated. The woman sat down on a nearby chair and tapped a few buttons on her phone. Cameras that only the woman could see turned on and captured every bit of this fantasy. 

Michael felt a pit in his stomach and fell onto the floor. His body quickly changed. His internal organs shifted, his penis and testicles receded into his body, leaving behind a cute and tight vagina in its place. Breasts formed and protruded from his chest. His low screams of pain turned into light and feminine moans as his voice changed. Long hair formed and fell from his head until it was halfway down his back. After his transformation was finished, he looked at the woman in utter shock and terror.

“What the fuck did you do to me?!” The female Michael asked. The woman smiled. “Remember that this is M2F. You were transformed into a beautiful woman,” she said casually. Michael didn’t have time to respond as a man walked in. He looked like a bodybuilder. He was tall, bald, and handsome. He was naked as well, his hard cock freely hanging about. 

Michael could feel herself getting wet and the need for the man’s cock inside of her grew intensely like a fire within. She walked up to the man and looked deeply into his eyes. She stood on her tip toes and deeply kissed him. He didn’t look surprised, as if he had done this multiple times. The woman smiled and watched intensely. 

“Fuck me...” Michael whispered after breaking the kiss. The man smiled and kissed the girl again, lifting her up and carrying her to the couch in the middle of the living room. They shared a few more kisses until the man moved her onto her hands and knees. He moved behind her and inserted his cock into her pussy. She let out a small moan as the alien feeling sent tingles throughout her body.

They made love for hours. The sound of skin on skin echoed throughout the halls, the woman smiled as she watched them fornicate. The man looked over to her. “What should I do with her, boss?” he asked. “Well, what does she want?” the woman responded. They looked back over to Michael who was still moaning loudly as she was being fucked. “Oh god...fuck yes...” was all that came out of her.

A few minutes after, the man felt a buildup in his crotch. He was ready to burst. “I’m gonna cum,” he grunted. “Cum inside me,” Michael responded. The woman raised her eyebrows in surprise, most clients usually responded with their face or their tits. Michael unknowingly sealed her fate as the man finally came inside her pussy, locking her in this beautiful form for the rest of her life.

The man walked away, leaving Michael by herself. The woman walked up to the panting girl and kneeled. “So how was that, love?” she asked. “Oh my god...that...was amazing,” Michael replied. The woman smiled and kissed the girl’s forehead. A beam of light enveloped them and suddenly they were back outside. Michael was now fully clothed again but still female, with a dress that showed off her body and fit her perfectly.

“So now you have two choices to make. Either you can leave and go back to the real world, or you can stay here and help people live out their fantasies. Of course, you can live out yours as well,” the woman said. Michael didn’t know what to think. She could easily leave but no one would believe that she was originally male, especially with her sexy body. The fact that she loved the fantasy fueled her decision making. She took a deep breath and turned back to the woman. “I’ll stay,” she responded.

The woman smiled and hugged the girl. “Great! Of course, you’ll need a new name now. Michael doesn’t seem to fit you anymore. How about Mikayla?” she said. The girl seemed to respond naturally to the name. “A beautiful name for a beautiful woman.” Mikayla smiled and hugged the woman again. They walked off together, she couldn’t wait to start her new life.

The woman, or Darcie as Mikayla would come to know her, was a mentor to the girl. She thought her everything she needed to know about how the doors worked, and even taught her magic. A few years later and Darcie retired. When management was looking for someone to take her place, Mikayla happily volunteered.

Now, she’s still happily working with the Kink Doors. She’s helped so many people live out their fantasies. A few of them decided to leave but most of her clients decided to stay. It was a good life that she was living.

A man walked around the hub in surprise. He couldn’t believe what had just happened to him. Mikayla smiled and walked up to the man. “Hi! I’m Mikayla. Which door would you like to test out first?”

Friday, May 14, 2021

A Very Special Announcement

 Hi everyone. Youngblood here. I am very excited to announce that I officially have a Patreon! 

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Monday, May 10, 2021

A New Perspective (Guest Post)

Hi everyone. Youngblood here. This is a guest post written by the insanely talented and beautiful Benni over on discord. Send her some love! Also, this post does contain flashing lights and images. If you are photosensitive, I highly encourage you to look somewhere else. Happy reading!

“Michael, Im not continuing this anymore. I've made myself totally clear on this, everytime you bring it up. I'm not ready to have children! I love you but you need to stop pressuring me!" Catherine exasperated, to the side of Michael's face, humbled and humiliated after another conversation turned argument. Michael had noticed far more of them lately, but he kept his tongue bit for the sake of his wife. He could her point, but he just wanted to start a family with the love of his life, if only she was in as right a place to do it as him.

After an awkward silence, Michael looked away, understanding her point of view and sighing a muttered "Psssshht" under his breath. As he bit the inside of his lip, choosing what to say next, to reassure his wife, Catherine had heard Michael's muttering aside from her. How dare he call her a "Bitch"!! For wanting to make her own choices about her body and when she wants to carry a child! He was so selfish, she couldn't believe his ignorance. "You selfish prick! You know what, Mike? Alright, Fuck you! You can HAVE a baby! Since you're so keen on forcing motherhood on me" Catherine burst, before storming out and into the bedroom slamming the door shut, behind her.

Michael sat there in stunned silence. The deafening quiet, followed by the soft replumping of the cushions as he got up and padded into the guest room.

Catherine paced, furiously, contemplating her revenge, clutching the amulet she won in her college sorority. She wanted to make him think twice about asking her for a while. Make him regret calling her a bitch, with the thought of having a living thing grow in you and then dramatically push out your vagina. She closed her eyes, and after a moment the amulet glowed, the house was engulfed in a mist of sparkles and whimsical dancing particles in the smoke.

Michael was sitting on the bed, deep in thought. How to apologise to Cathy, and assure her you want a family in her own time. He felt a chill, looking down and seeing his clothes had evaporated!? His surprise was knocked out of him by a moan as his twitching member was at full mast, pulsing and spurting cum from receding orbs. He barely had time to notice the skin on his cock change hue to a dark tan, especially since it was shrinking, pulling in towards the burrowing slit developing between her thighs. The tip now her dark brown little clit, and pretty pussy a far cry from his white cock.

Shivering with pleasure, Michael arched her back, feeling her ass and breasts expand to ample, and playful proportions, the snap outwards of her hips, signalling her transition into childbearing womanhood.

He felt the tingle of something on his delicate shoulders, amid the chaos and pleasure. He noticed his hair was now much darker and spilling down her back and breasts, now noticing how the tanned skin colour had now spread all over her body, her sensitive parts a dark brown, and judging by an already wet slit. Her face shifted and snapped, her head now rounded as her head began to burn. Memories of Michael vanishes, as did most of his IQ as her REAL memories of being Mikayla seared themselves into her vapid little head.

She drooled and giggled, as lips plumped, and lashes lengthened. Slimming brows and seductive eyes complimented the girl's looks as a very sexy, and very body confident girl was left on the bed, slowly coming down from her breathy orgasmic high. Until the door shot open.

Catherine was delighted with herself as she felt the energy surge forth and envelop the house. Her body filled with power as muscles bulged and surged. Every flex leaving her more toned and built. She laughed in a deepening cadence, her Adams apple growing as she sprouting taller, now easily over 6ft. Her hair receded to a tidy boyish look, yet it manifested elsewhere with a stubbly beard growing on a more chiseled, angular and piercing face.

Her laughing was cut short into a soft grunt of pleasure, as her clit was expanding and lengthening at an alarming rate, triggered by the descent of his ovaries into sperm pumping testicles. The zipper of her jeans burst as her imposing shaft pushed out, growing thicker and harder.

Cath's clothes began to melt away as he pumped his new cock in animalistic lust, like a distracted gorilla in heat. However a moment of clarity caused him to realise two things. One, that he was naked. And two, that there was someone else who the spell has worked for. Someone who demanded punishment. Someone who needed to be scared into the dangers and ever present risk of pregnancy and womanhood. Cath took only a moment to admire themselves in the mirror before setting out into the hall to find Michael.

"Hey there, little Mamma, have you seen Michael anywhere?" Cath joked as he stood in the doorway, his mighty shaft hanging below his imposing built figure. Mikayla wheeled around, trying to cover up, initially shocked, but pleasantly surprised when she saw the hunk of a man in the doorway.

"N-No, just m-me, Mikayla~" The girl stammered, staring at the mans thick cock. Cath noticed this, and stepped toward the bed, teasing his member, smiling. "Well Im glad to have found you instead, Mikayla. I'm Cath"

Mikayla's big beautiful dark eyes went wide as she saw his stiffening shaft, and throbbing tip. At first its power frightened her but something sparked inside her. Like a small ember, burning away. She wanted to touch it... But he touched her with it instead. The moment Cath poked Mikayla's hand with his dick, she left upon it, grabbing it, and stroking it, admiring its warmth and length.

Are you Cath? Or are you 'getting sucked off'?" Mikayla joked before swallowing the tip of Cath's cock between her plump lips, her wet mouth and tongue doing work to massage between strokes. Cath groaned audibly, at the sensation. He had messed around as a guy before but this was different. It was like, Mikayla really wanted this. And it felt so much better than anything Cath had felt before. It wasn't long before Cath's will had waned entirely and Mikayla had exerted her feminine lust and prowess to coax Cath into her awaiting womanhood.

The first sensation of being penetrated was divine. Mikayla rode her husbands dick for what seemed like eternity until Cath couldnt hold on any longed... And Mikayla's orgasm was climaxed with Cath's as he came inside her tired out pussy, spilling down her thighs and over the sheets, as she ground her sensitive swollen clit against Cath, into motherhood on wave of pleasure.

Several months on, Mikayla had found herself enjoying the new dynamic. While annoyed at Cath for changing the two of them, and not using protection, or pulling out... She had to admit, she loved her baby bump~ and all of her other growing curves as her pregnancy went on into its third trimester. But she had no plans to stop on one. She wanted a family. And a big family is what she got.

Mikayla enjoyed motherhood almost as much as she enjoyed being made a mother by her loving and doting spouse, spoiling her and regularly satisfying her, grateful he would never have to go through pregnancy. However Cath still enjoyed the pregnancy hormones all the same. Just from the base end of his penis.

As funny as the misunderstanding was, years later when they discussed it at their youngest's birthday party, for now, Mikayla was loving the way things became. She was Pretty. Small. Perfect. Loved. And now her children were the same. She was proud of her family and how they grew over the years, as she looked deep into Cath's eyes, wizened by fatherhood. They were the perfect parents and partners. Not only for the kids, but for each other. And Mikayla couldn't have been happier.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Nothing But A Pussy

Hey everyone. Youngblood here. This is a collaboration between the amazing CuriousMelony and myself. Go check her stuff out at her blog! Tell her that I sent ya. 😉

Mary began teasing her pussy lips, gently touching the fold of her entrance. "Do you like that?" she called out to her womanhood. Her womanhood then seem to react on it's own, moving like it was trying to respond but no words came out. Mary simply smiled. "Sorry Mike," she said to her pussy, "but I couldn't quite make that out." Her pussy seem to try to respond again, but more violently this time. "Mike, you seem angry... don't tell me you don't like being my pussy?" Mike didn't, because until an hour ago he was Mary's living genitalia... he was a man.

Mike had been Mary’s boyfriend for about a year. He wanted to be a good boyfriend and fulfill every one of Mary’s wishes and desires. When she wished for him to see things from a new perspective, they went to see a witch who promised to help the couple. When Mary awoke the next morning, Mike was gone...or was he? It wasn’t until her pussy was wet and moving that she realized where her boyfriend was. He was now her vagina.

As it would turn out, as good of a boyfriend as Mike tried to be, it seem he didn't know quite how to please her in the bedroom. The witch felt the best way to learn about something was to be something, and cursed him to be her vagina till he completely understood how it felt to be her pussy. Mike was not happy at all at with this, but for Mary it not only became a way to teach her boyfriend, but a way to completely control and dominate him for her pleasure. Mike began to feel himself drool... Mary was horny and was making her new pussy wet.

Mike tried desperately to fight this. To somehow become human again. But it was all to no avail. Mary loved how her new vagina seemingly got wet and hot all by herself. “My my Mikey...you’re such a good little pussy. Maybe I should keep you this way. Maybe I should go find a man. Have him cum inside me. Would you like that?” Mary smiled as she taunted her former boyfriend. Mike did not want that. But that wasn’t what Mary was hearing.

Within an hour a new man was at her appartment, flirting and making out with Mary. Mike was absolutely furious at his girlfriend, for not only being her pussy but cheating on him too. However his fury soon turned to fear as the man let his pants drop, and expose him manhood which was a foot long and 2" inches in diameter.  Mary, turned on by his fear, laid down and spread her legs wide. Mike was screaming internally as the man lined up his member at Mary's entrance, but he was powerless to stop what was about to happen. Soon the man began to slide into Mary, and Mike felt himself stretched wide. It felt like someone was sticking a dick in his mouth, but at the same time being stretch... being so full... it felt kind of good...

As the man fucked Mary, Mike felt tingles all over. It felt nice, as if his new form was born to take cock. Mike could taste every inch of the man’s massive member, if he was sucking and licking it on his own. While the man and Mary made love, Mike was starting to love it. He wanted more as the cock slammed into him like a freight train. It felt like centuries went by until Mike could taste small bits of precum. “I’m gonna cum baby. Where do you want it?” the man asked while still slamming into Mary. “Cum inside me,” she responded. Mike wanted to fight his way out but to no avail. He couldn’t believe his own girlfriend could betray him. Her boyfriend becoming her pussy and now wanting him to stay like this. When they met the witch, they seemingly skipped over the place where sex and semen made the transformation permanent.

Mike did everything he could to do get the man's dick out of him before he came, but it just made the sensations so much better for Mary and the man, squeezing and teasing the man's dick more. Soon Mike felt the twitch and the man's warm seed soon filled him. He could feel the magic lock him in place as the cum filled his insides. He was Mary's pussy now and forever.

Mike faded away as Mary’s vagina went back to normal. Life moved on after that day. Mary and the man eventually started dating. She couldn’t wait to marry the love of her life. Her pussy was still wet and horny, but this time it was for him. Mike never existed. Memories of him before and after becoming Mary’s pussy were permanently deleted from her mind as she remembered only her vagina. Her baby bump has grown significantly since. If it’s a boy, the name Mike sounds good.

Monday, April 26, 2021

Another Shift In Power

Dan and Emily walked out of the Starbucks after talking to the mysterious woman named Bridgette. After scheduling an appointment with the therapist Dan just wanted to go home, but Emily desperately needed to fix their relationship. It was about 11:30 and they needed to be on their way. Dan reluctantly got in his truck and they drove off to their therapy session.

Dan was clearly not happy at the session, leaving Emily to talk most of the time. Bridgette was busy writing down a list of potential spells to help the troubled couple. They were much more of a handful than the previous couple she helped. If Dan turned out to be trans as well she’d have a field day with them.

“It seems that you two need to understand each other more. Is that correct?” Bridgette asked. Emily nodded in response. The therapist smiled and gave her a card. It looked like a prop from an old 80’s movie but neither of them could remember the title. “Your wish is granted,” the card read. Dan rolled his eyes. “Alright, that’s enough. We’re done here.” He pulled his girlfriend by the arm out of the room and to the parking lot. They argued for a bit until Emily sighed and got in the truck. 

As they drove home, Emily eyed the card. She then got a text from Bridgette. “Don’t worry about this, hun. I’ll bill you later,” she said with a winky face. 

After arriving home, Dan immediately crashed onto the couch and turned on the TV. Emily went to her bedroom and laid on the bed. The mysterious card was still in her hands and she played with it before falling asleep hours later. 

As the couple slept, they didn’t realize that something was happening to them. They were transforming! Emily’s long hair receded back into her scalp. Her breasts deflated and became pecs. She gained height and lost weight, easily taller than Dan now. A penis and testicles formed and protruded from her groin. A lump formed in her throat as an Adam’s Apple was created, giving her a deep voice. The new man tossed in bed, still unaware of his transformation.

Dan was still on the couch as his transformation occurred. His skin became light, soft, and fair. Long hair grew from his scalp until it was down his back. His Adam’s apple faded away, his voice became soft and feminine. Large breasts formed and protruded from his chest. His penis and testicles receded back into his body, leaving a clit and vagina in its place and creating a sexy thigh gap. The newly transformed couple stayed asleep as their transformations finished and subsided.

Emily was the first to wake up the next morning. She walked to the bathroom to practice her daily routine. She saw herself in the mirror for a spilt second then looked back. She screamed as she saw her new body. She was a man! What had that therapist done to her?

Danielle immediately woke up and ran to the bathroom to see what her boyfriend was screaming about. “What’s wrong, my love?” she asked as she saw him examining himself in the mirror. Emily looked over and saw...Dan? It wasn’t Dan, at least physically. She was beautiful. Emily’s jaw dropped at just the sight of her. “Uhh...nothing babe,” she replied. Danielle smiled and kissed her boyfriend on his lips. It was as if a switch turned on in Emily’s brain. Her new penis got hard immediately and she returned the kiss.

The kiss was soft, warm, and passionate. It got more intense as they played with each other’s clothes. Emily’s shirt was the first article of clothing to come off. She played with Danielle’s shirt and pulled the sleeve down to playfully kiss her neck. She was immediately wet as her boyfriend lovingly teased her, just like he always did when he was horny. 

Emily used her newfound strength to pick up Danielle and tore her clothing off as they moved to the bedroom. They smirked and shared a few more passionate kisses before Emily took the rest of her clothes off, her erect cock fully on display. “You’re so sexy Emile,” Danielle said, panting as she rubbed her wet pussy. “So are you,” he replied, moving onto the bed and kissing his girlfriend’s body before inserting his cock inside her moist slit.

Danielle’s legs were raised as Emile relentlessly pounded his love’s vagina. They shared passionate moans and kisses as they made love. They were both in heaven. 

They made love for hours, switching different positions but Emile was still in control the whole time. Back when Emile and Danielle were Emily and Dan, she would constantly ask about when they were getting married and having children. Dan would ignore her and always pull out or wear a condom. “I’m gonna cum baby,” Emile panted. “Cum inside me,” Danielle responded. They shared one more long passionate kiss as he finally came inside his girlfriend’s vagina, painting her walls in potent semen. 

They stayed in bed for the rest of the day, they were completely drained of energy after the intense sex they just had. They cuddled and shared kisses that day.

A few months had passed and many events had occurred. Danielle’s baby bump has swelled significantly as their baby grew and developed. Emile had finally proposed, she of course said yes. Their wedding is in the summer and they had recently found the perfect venue. 

Bridgette watched as the beautiful couple kissed and cuddled together on their couch. Another happy couple saved. She smiled and went back to sipping on her coffee. She considered talking to her boss and asking for a raise. One of these days she would. It was only a matter of time.