Sunday, October 24, 2021

I’m Not Dead (Update)

 Hello everyone. Youngblood here. 

I know it’s been a while since I posted here but I just wanted to let you know that I’m still alive! I’ve been more active on my Twitter and my Patreon but I feel like you should deserve some captions here. 

I’ll be honest, it’s been hard finding ideas for caps here. I’ve been trying my best but I feel like it’s just not enough. 

Anyway, I have some good news. I’ve started writing a book! The first chapter will be posted here when it’s done and then I will post a link so you can purchase the book.

Thank you and I love you all.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Just A Date Part 1

It was just a date. Just one date and I wouldn’t have to be a girl anymore. That’s how I thought it would go down. But that night had so much more planned for me.

My roommate had recently broken up with his girlfriend. I tried to be there for him but he was too busy sulking in his room. I tried everything I could to cheer him up but nothing was working. That was when I found Elixir.

I planned everything out in my head. I’d drink the elixir, then sneak out to the mall and get some new clothes. It was absolutely foolproof! 

I couldn’t believe that it actually worked. My roommate was still in his room and didn’t even come out until after it wore off. This was going to be fun. 

After I was back in my normal body, I told him about a girl that I met. Of course, I didn’t tell him that the girl was actually me. He agreed to meet her for a date. The fun was just beginning.

I had to sneak out again as we both got ready for our date. Putting on a dress in the front seat of a car was the hardest thing I had ever done! After getting out, I knocked on the door and he immediately opened it. Our eyes met and my heart began to race. He looked so handsome in his dress shirt and pants that I felt my vagina get a little damp.

Hello everyone. Youngblood here. This is the first of a two parter that I’m doing. I hope you enjoy. Also, new captions will be posted very sporadically as I feel that I am losing my ability to write. I will try to keep posting on Patreon and Twitter. I hope you understand. I love you all.

Monday, September 13, 2021

Being An Influencer

 I wanted to be an influencer all my life. Growing up in the YouTube generation and seeing so many YouTubers inspired me. 

When I first started, I had no views or comments. In one year I only managed to get 100 subscribers. I was absolutely devastated. I spent all of my time and money trying to make my YouTube channel and I ultimately got nothing out of it. That was when everything changed.

One day, I fell upon a strange shop. There were a few cute girls there who helped me. They seemed to know what my problems were and knew exactly how to help. They gave me a spell and told me to recite it when I got home. 

After I got home, I was so nervous to read the spell that it took me a few hours to build up the confidence to actually recite it. 

After reciting it, everything went dark. When I could finally see again, I was in my bedroom. Did it work? Or was it just a rip-off? I walked to the bathroom and gasped as I saw my reflection. I was a woman! I couldn’t believe it. Before I could react, I heard my phone blowing up.

I walked back to my room and saw hundreds of people following me on Twitter and Instagram. I even had an OnlyFans! My Patreon that I set up was in the thousands and I was actually happy for once. I was popular…no…I was an influencer.

I was finally happy. My lifelong dream was finally achieved. I didn’t care that I was a woman. Getting in touch with my feminine side actually helped in the end. I’ve had fun with a ton of girls on my OnlyFans and they absolutely love it. 

Being an influencer was my dream, but now that I’ve reached it, I’m ready to take it to the next level. Maybe you’d like to have so fun with me. If you’re cute enough, I’ll consider it. 

Monday, September 6, 2021

Westview Hospital


Westview Hospital was fairly normal until the TG Virus hit. One by one, the entire male staff was transformed into beautiful women. It only took one week until the entire staff of the hospital were female. 

For the weeks afterward, everything was normal. The staff tried to adjust to their new lives and even found new boyfriends. It wasn’t long before nine of them became pregnant.

The select few were sent to the maternity ward, helping young mothers and even gaining a new perspective about being women. As the months went on, their baby bumps and their minds grew. 

Having an all female staff was new but welcome. Their patients loved them and how nice and helpful they were. 

The nine pregnant women even gave birth after nine long months. New beautiful baby girls and boys were brought into the world and the newly christened mothers couldn’t have been happier. 

The former male staff loved their new lives and new experiences of motherhood. They wouldn’t have changed it for anything. They were happy.

Monday, August 30, 2021

Well Rested

Reed was an unlucky man. It was his senior year of college and he hadn’t started his final paper. The part that killed him the most was that it was due the next day. After what felt like the tenth cup of coffee, Reed was still hard at work on his paper. His brain was a mess, constantly trying to get words out but there was just nothing there. The insurmountable stress was too much for the poor student and he ended up passing out.

The morning sun shined brightly the next morning, causing Reed to wake up. He groaned softly, a soft and feminine voice falling from his lips. His vision was blocked by blonde hair, which he quickly moved out of the way. There was also a strange weight on his chest. He looked down and saw…boobs? A man walked up to him and leaned down, kissing his lips. Reed found himself returning the kiss and smiling. Why did he do that?!

“Good morning Rebecca,” the main said softly. “Good morning Nick,” Reed instinctively replied. Who was Rebecca? Or Nick? Where was he? 

A few moments later and Nick left. Reed…Rebecca got up from the bed and found clothes, picking them up and slightly struggling to put them on. After putting on her clothes, she walked downstairs and caught her reflection in the mirror. 

Rebecca couldn’t believe it. She was a woman! And a housewife! What was she going to do? How was she going to get her life back? She had a paper due! Suddenly, her kids ran to her.

“Mommy!” they yelled in unison. Somehow, Rebecca knew their names. Lilly and Selena. They clung to their mothers legs tightly and giggled. “My little monsters,” Rebecca replied, smiling and holding them. “Alright, we have to get you ready for school.”

“Do we have to, mommy?” Selena asked, looking up into her mother’s eyes innocently. “We do. Now get dressed, I’ll pack your lunch.” The twin girls sighed and ran back to their rooms. 

Rebecca didn’t know what she was doing or why she was doing it, but she didn’t seem to mind. She was used to and loving her life. After the kids’ lunches were packed and they were dressed, she sent them off as the bus arrived to take them to school.

Rebecca had the house to herself. After cleaning and preparing meals, she grabbed a cup of wine and sat on the couch. She was still concerned about how all of this happened. But she had to admit that it was pleasant to have time for herself and to not have to be stressed with schoolwork. Being a woman was still new for her but she was slowly but surely getting used to it.

A few hours had passed and Nick and the girls had finally returned home. The husband and wife shared a kiss before kneeling down and greeting her lovely children. They shared a nice dinner together and the kids were sent to bed. 

Nick and Rebecca were getting ready for bed and cuddled when Nick smiled and looked down at his beautiful wife. Rebecca looked up and smiled, kissing his lips. “I’m so lucky to have you baby,” she said. “Me too my love. You want to know something?” Nick replied. “I think we should give our girls another sibling.”

It wasn’t long before they were making love in bed. Rebecca and Nick were soulmates, absolutely in love with each other. They made love for hours, moaning softly as to not wake the kids. 

At the end, they collapsed onto each other and fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

As the days went by, Rebecca forgot about her old life. It all seemed like an odd dream to her. Days turned into months and the housewife’s belly grew for her new baby inside. The girls were so excited for a new brother or sister. They promised, in the cutest way, to be the best sisters ever. The name Reed seemed to pop in her head as a good name for a boy. Nick agreed and they eagerly waited for their new baby to be born. 

Monday, August 16, 2021

Round Robin

Jackson slowly sauntered into his room after work. Another day, another rejection. A year had passed since his wife and the mother of his child Brandon had died, leaving a son without a mother and a husband without a wife.

Since then, Jackson had been unable to move on. Brandon had become more and more distant from his classmates and friends, forever failing to find a girlfriend as well.

It was then the son desperate for social acceptance took X-Change for the first time at home, it was a custom pill he had saved up for. The transformation was almost instantaneous, with his new body in the form of a gorgeous blonde MILF. He was now his father’s age and in the body of a bombshell.

“Brandon! It’s time for dinner!” Jackson said as he walked upstairs to his sons room. As soon as the door opened, his jaw dropped as he saw her and was immediately struck by her resemblance to his dead wife, she couldn't resist the urges in her body and he couldn't resist his desires either.

Brandon stood silent with his eyes wide open as his new vagina grew damp. Jackson crept up on the older woman and examined her for a second. She was absolutely gorgeous, with her beautiful blonde hair, her large breasts, and her long legs. He felt a stirring in his crotch and it wasn’t long before their lips met. Brandon couldn’t believe that he was kissing his own father, even worse was that he was loving every second of it.

Brandi fell under Jackson’s spell, returning his kiss and rubbing his crotch through this khaki pants. Whatever was in that custom made her horny and want him so bad. It wasn’t long before they were both naked and in Jackson’s bed.

The two made love for hours. Jackson knew all of the best places to pound Brandi’s no longer virgin pussy. Sounds of moans and skin slapping skin echoed throughout the halls of their house. The lovers were in heaven as they took turns riding and fucking each other. Jackson ended up cumming inside her and they fell asleep in each other’s arms.

The morning sun rose and Jackson was the first one to wake up. He had the weirdest dream the previous night. There was a woman, baring a passing resemblance to his late wife, in his son’s room, they ended up making love all night. He turned and saw his son next to him and everything seemed to click into place. 

Brandon was visibly embarrassed as he woke up next to his father. After a few hours, they discussed the previous night of glorious passion and made agreement, Brandon would continue to take the customs that would last twelve hours if Jackson would also take one too that change him into a young girl.

After about a week of having only Brandi around for 12 hours, it was now Jackson’s turn. He slowly swallowed the pill and let his transformation overtake him. Soon, Jackie was born.

As soon as Brandon saw what his father had become, he was immediately in love. He kissed Jackie passionately and tore off her new clothes. Unlike his father, Brandon did not want to make love. He wanted to fuck. Hard. He was more kinky than his father, and with his father now a naked chick, he knew what he had to.

They fucked for what felt like an eternity. Brandon was rough with Jackie, gripping her hair in his hand like a vice as he roughly pounded her pussy. Jackie gritted her teeth as her lover was forceful, she still enjoyed it nonetheless. She found herself loving receiving more than giving. The feeling of a cock inside her made her feel whole, a complete woman. Brandon ended up coming inside her as well and they also fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Three months had passed since that day. They found themselves falling more and more in love with each other. They even spent their weekends as women. In public, some thought they were mother and daughter which made them giggle. If only they knew what happened behind closed doors. 

They both know that one day, one of them is going to want to stay as a woman. But for now, they love playing Round Robin with each other. Sometimes on the weekend, Brandi and Jackie like to have fun together. Their love for each other is so strong that they don’t invite anyone else for a threesome. They’re all that they need. 

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Monday, August 9, 2021

Three’s Company

Mike had been working non-stop to support his pregnant wife, Jennifer. It was a typical boring desk job but it was enough to pay the bills and keeps the lights on. In the end, they were happy to be together, and they couldn’t wait to become parents. 

Mindy was their neighbor. She was the neighborhood MILF. Her husband was a nice man but he was always working. She was always having a handsome guy over though, and Jennifer swore that she heard grunting coming from Mindy’s house. 

One night, Mike had finally returned home. He greeted his wife with a kiss and they quickly retired to the bedroom. Before they went to sleep, Mike turned to his wife and smiled. “I wish I could spend more time with you, Jennifer,” he said. Jennifer blushed and they cuddled before falling asleep. If only he knew how that offhand wish would change his life forever.

When Mike woke the next morning, he could tell something was off. There was a strange weight on his chest, something was missing in between his legs, his vision was blocked by long dark hair. He managed to get out of bed and ran to the mirror. He didn’t see his usual male self. Instead, he saw…Mindy.

Mike couldn’t believe what had happened. He had swapped with a gorgeous MILF overnight. He almost screamed when her husband walked up behind him and kissed his neck. “Good morning Mindy,” the man whispered. “Good morning Nick,” she responded immediately afterwards. They shared a kiss before Nick left for work.

As soon as Nick left, Mindy rushed to get dressed, she looked through her closet and found a form fitting blouse and a top that managed to hold her large fake breasts in place. Finally slipping on the heels, she teetered slightly as she minced her way out the door. She blushed as her heels clicked down the sidewalk, making her way to her wife’s house. She could feel that Jen would understand.

Knocking on the door, Mindy couldnt help but notice her expertly manicured nails. The door suddenly opened, Mindy snapping back to look and Jen happily smiling.  "Mindy! This is a surprise, how can I help you?" Jen said warmly as she stood in the doorway, softly cradling her belly outside of her bathrobe. "Jen! Something happened! I…I don’t know how or why, I can’t explain it!! One minute I was here, the next I was there and then I rushed over because Nick kissed me and..." Mindy rambled almost incoherently as Jen looked on with a confused face. She groaned and cut the trophy wife off. "Oh! S...sorry.... this little one kicks really hard!" she said as she grabbed the door frame to steady herself. With a flurry of concern, Mindy assisted Jen back inside the house and to a kitchen chair. Jen assured her that it was all normal and she would be fine. "Wow Mindy, I didnt think you'd be so squimish around a pregnant woman. You're freaking out like a guy would thinking I’m made of glass" she said laughing.

As the day went on, Mindy calmed down. They sat by the pool, tanning in the warm sun and watching the hunky pool boy clean the pool. Mindy’s hormones got the best of her and she found herself getting wet at the idea of having a “one on one session” with him. 

When Jen waddled back into the house, that was when Mindy made her move. She got up and quickly made her way behind the pool boy. She introduced herself and successfully managed to seduce him. Jen didn’t suspect a thing, not seeing the two go back to Mindy’s house. 

The two had sex for that whole day. The pool boy’s cock was so much larger than her stick in the mud of a husband. It fit her like a glove and they were under each other’s spell. 

Mike’s mind had been completely absorbed by Mindy. Her horniness and hormones had corrupted Mike and transformed him into the perfect cougar. Mindy was in love with cock and had the pool boy cum inside her. It felt good to be naughty.

Life went on after that. Mindy ended up divorcing her stick in the mud husband and kept the house. Every few days she would have different men and women who she had sex with. A few months later and she was pregnant. She didn’t know who the father was but she didn’t care. Jen even helped her with her pregnancy. They were inseparable besties, doing everything together and having a lot of fun with Jen’s husband, Mike. 

Mindy became the town MILF. She could be found at the local bars, preying on cute and single men. She’s always looking for a good time. If you play it carefully, you could be her next fuck.